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Child & Maternal Health Research

The Child & Maternal Health (CMH) Research Program is a unique component of the CCTSI and was the first program of its kind nationally among the CTSA Consortium sites. The overall goal of the CMH Program is to support and promote clinical and translational research in children of all ages, pregnant women, and the mother-child dyad to improve child health and prevent diseases, thus preempting adverse outcomes that increase disease burden and the cost of health care over the life course.

Program Objectives

  • Increased understanding of the pathogenesis of diseases that begin in early development
  • Development of infrastructure for clinical trials of novel methods and translational technologies to prevent, diagnose, and treat diseases that begin in early development
  • Support of investigators using novel methods and technologies for preventing, diagnosing, and treating genetic, molecular, metabolic, behavioral and social factors that underlie diseases that have their antecedents in early development
  • Innovative training programs that specialize in life course approaches to translational research

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For more information about the Child and Maternal Health Program, please contact Bonnie Savone.


 Child & Maternal Health Director

Bill Hay, MDBill Hay, MD

Child & Maternal Health Director,
Professor of Pediatrics

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