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CCTSI Child & Maternal Health Pilot Program

RFAs and funding are issued annually, with applications due in the fall and funding awarded at the end of the year.

The Child and Maternal Health (CMH) Component of the CCTSI is a clinical-translational research program focused on longitudinal research in children, pregnant women, and mothers to improve child and maternal health and prevent diseases that begin in early life.

The CMH Pilot Program is a series of one-year pilot project awards designed to:

  • Promote research in children of all ages;
  • Promote investigation of the mother-child pair to achieve prevention-oriented, life course outcomes;
  • Promote innovative research teams capable of interacting across disciplines, schools, institutions.

Awards will be for a maximum of $20,000 (indirect costs not permitted). The CMH Pilot Program intends to award at least $100,000 this year toward these research goals, with funding generously provided by the Children’s Hospital Colorado Research Institute.

 CMH Pilot Program Specific Award Levels

  • CMH Pilot Mentored - $20,000
  • CMH Pilot Junior Awards - $20,000

 CMH Pilot Program Preparation Toolkit

 CMH Pilot Program Application Links


 CMH Pilot Program Dates

2014 Key Dates

  • RFA Posting Date
    July 3, 2014
  • Mandatory Letter of Intent Submission Period
    July 3 – August 29, 2014 (1pm MDT)
  • Application Submission Period
    September 2 – 24, 2014 (1pm MDT)
  • Earliest Notification of Award
    January 2015

 Contact Us

For questions or assistance with the CMH Program, please contact:

CMH Program Leadership and Management:

 CCTSI Membership

Principal Investigators and all collaborators (Co-Investigators and Mentors) must be a CCTSI member. You can check your CCTSI membership status or sign up below if you are a new member.

 CMH Pilot Program Past Awardees