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CCTSI > Funding Opportunities > CCTSI KL2 (K12) Research Scholar Program

CCTSI KL2 (K12) Research Scholar Award

The CCTSI KL2 program provides up to three years of consecutive funding for clinical translational research and career development to talented and qualified health professionals. The goal of the program is to help awardees ultimately obtain an individual career development award or an independent investigator (i.e. R01) award. Funding is provided for 75% salary support (OR not less than 50% for those in the department of surgery) along with tuition, travel and research support. Awardees, and their identified mentors, are expected and encouraged to participate in monthly mentoring/career development sessions as well as all KClub events and the national CTSA consortium meeting for KL2 awardees held yearly in Washington, DC. The research that is proposed in the KL2 application must be clinical or translational in nature. Please visit the NIH website for a definition of clinical and translational research and to find out more about federally funded Career Development awards.

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The 2015 Association for Clinical and Translational Science Meeting will be held April 16-18, 2015 in Washington, DC.
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For examples of funded KL2 awards, please email individual scholars at:
Nichole Carlson, Tim Bernard, Wei Tan, Shama Ahmad, Katrina Maluf, Karin Hoth, Adit Ginde, Sophie Fillon, Katherine Lee, Amy Huebschmann, Benzi Kluger, David Nichols

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