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CCTSI Navigators

CCTSI’s Research Navigators assist Biomedical Investigators from all fields and disciplines through the research process. We can help get research started, supported, completed, and communicated.

The Navigators can assist investigators with:

  • Answering general questions regarding starting research projects on the Anschutz Medical Campus and its affiliates
  • IRB Questions including:
    • Step-by-Step guidance and Pre-Screening for completion and consistency of COMIRB applications
    • COMIRB Application documents
    • Consent form
    • Advertisements
    • Other Study related materials
    • Clinical Trials
    • Flowcharts for decision making about IRB submission
    • InfoEd assistance
  • Questions regarding CCTSI Pilot Grant Funding including
  • Identifying which pilot program is appropriate for their project
  • Navigating the Pilot Grant application process
  • Connecting to applicable CCTSI resources including information on
    • CTRC resources and SARC review
    • NeTT Labs
    • Community Engagement Resources
    • Child and Maternal Health Resources
    • Informatics Support for Research Projects
    • Educational Opportunities, Programs and Resources including videos
    • Connecting investigators to one another throughout UCD and its affiliates
  • Identifying funding sources for a project
  • Data Management Options for Clinical Research Projects (including REDCap)
  • Other Research Questions

While the assistance provided by a Research Navigator’s pre-screening can improve regulatory outcomes, the Navigator’s advice, even when followed, does not assure a positive response from a regulatory committee or panel.

*Learn more about the Regulatory Assistance for CTRC Protocols provided by the Research Subject Advocates for the various clinics.

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