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Consultation and Data Analysis

We provide experimental design consultation and data analysis services for CCTSI and University of Colorado Cancer Center (UC Cancer Center) members. We specialize in high-throughput data analysis, including microarray and Next Generation Sequencing. Our mission is to educate and disseminate high-throughput genomic technologies knowledge and know how to the scientific community. Our goal is to help scientists select the right technology and methodology to ensure successful research. We are open for consultations and collaborations with anyone within the University of Colorado system or beyond; but through our own associations with the CCTSI and the UC Cancer Center, special dispensations are given for members of these groups.

 Who Are We?

Ken JonesKen Jones, PhD

Assistant Research Professor, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics
Co-Director, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Shared Resource, University of Colorado Cancer Center
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Research Interests

As a population geneticist/genomicist, I have successfully completed projects involving a diverse array of taxa including bacteria, fungi, plants, vertebrates, and invertebrates. Through recent projects, I am attempting to uncover the root causes of individual responses to perturbations in their environment using a combination of high-throughput sequencing and traditional genomic approaches (i.e., ecological/environmental genomics). In addition to my own research, a major component of my current position at the University of Colorado Medical School is to collaborate with other researchers, where I assist in the design, implementation, and analysis of next-generation sequencing data.

Recent and/or on-going collaborations include:

  • 454 analyses
    MHC diversity
    Bacterial/fungal diversity
    NEF gene diversity within AIDS patients
  • Illumina analyses
    SNP analyses to determine: causation of disease, phenotypic variation, population differentiation
    Transcription profiling in response to: disease, radiological exposure, heavy metal and/or chemical exposure, gene induction
    Hits-Clip analyses to determine regulation of disease

Tzu PhangTzu Lip Phang, PhD

Director, Informatics Educational Support, CCTSI
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Research Interests

My primary research activities include microarray and Next Generation Sequencing data analysis, specializing in developing methods for multivariate time course data and Alternative Splicing detection algorithm. Recently, I have developed the interest in studying long non-coding RNA using deep sequencing technology. I am involved with the Consultation and Data Analysis group (CDA) under the umbrella of Colorado Clinical Translational Science Institute (CCTSI) and UC Cancer Center that serves the general bioinformatics needs for the University of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain regions scientific communities. Our goals are to educate and disseminate knowledge and information regarding high-throughput data analysis.


 Seminar Series

We conduct a monthly seminar series to discuss the various usages of high-throughput genomic sequencing technology. We believe that scientists will make the best decision when armed with proper knowledge. Each seminar focuses on one general topic in deep sequencing where we consider the advantages and disadvantages, the dos and don’ts, and other important issues to assure successful experimentation.

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