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 About the Program

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CPC Clinical Research is an academically led clinical research organization (CRO), affiliated with UCD that can provide full clinical trial management services that the CCTSI currently does not offer. The CPC is an affiliate of the CCTSI, however, there are also other clinical research organizations that can provide similar services. UCD and the CCTSI do not require faculty to utilize CPC. All CPC services are fee for service paid for by the investigator.

Founded in 1989, CPC Clinical Research is recognized for its expertise in comprehensive trial management for both national and international clinical research. CPC Clinical Research is led by Dr. William Hiatt, an internationally recognized specialist in vascular medicine and professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado. Dr. Hiatt has extensive experience in the design and management of global cardiovascular clinical trials as well as a decade long history of regulatory experience as panel member and Chairman of the FDA's Cardio-Renal Advisory Committee. CPC's Clinical Research leadership complements this experience with over 40 years of collective industry, government and academic-sponsored clinical trial development and operations experience.

CPC Clinical Research provides the following standard CRO services. To access information about these CPC resources, click the links below:

For more information about CPC Clinical Research, visit their website or call 303.860.9900.