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ResearchMatch: Volunteer Recruitment Registry

 What is ResearchMatch?

ResearchMatch is a registry of volunteers willing to learn about, and possibly participate in, research studies. Research needs both volunteers and researchers. ResearchMatch helps bring these two groups together in a secure and convenient way.

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Why Join ResearchMatch?

Information for Volunteers:

Information for Researchers: logo

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Where We Are & Where We’re Going

At present, ResearchMatch here in Colorado is in the midst of a full scale implementation plan for engaging potential volunteers in our communities. We all need to make it easier to recruit volunteers who are interested in being in research studies and to make studies more available for those interested in volunteering. We invite you to take an active role in making this happen! To get this registry off the ground, the CCTSI encourages all faculty, PRAs, trainees, staff and employees to join this registry and volunteer themselves to be a potential research participant.

ResearchMatch is a CCTSI initiative and welcomes all interested researchers who may or may not be currently affiliated with the CCTSI. We encourage you to register yourself as a volunteer to better understand the process from a participant standpoint. If you are a researcher who is interested please complete a researcher interest form or contact The Research Match Liaison directly with any inquires you may have.

Volunteer Feedback

“I signed up for Research Match, got matched to an online survey project from the University of Rochester and participated…I thought it was easy, and I liked feeling like I had contributed to someone’s research.”

Contact Us
Molly Van Rheen, M.S.
Research Match Liaison
Colorado Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute
Tel: 303-724-7616

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