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LabThe PhD program is designed for qualified individuals who have already earned a health care graduate or professional degree (i.e., physicians, MSPH graduates, biostatisticians, epidemiologists, nurses, pharmacists, and dentists) or a graduate degree related to health sciences.

The overall goal of CLSC doctoral training program is to prepare nationally competitive clinician/clinical scientists who are able to translate across the discovery-community continuum. Students in our program are highly motivated and bright individuals who seek additional rigorous training to become leaders in their field and make significant contributions to improving the health of citizens. The program allows specialization in one of three areas of focus: Clinical Investigation, Health Information Technology, or Health Services Research.

The PhD program requires successful completion of: Didactic coursework, a Preliminary Examination, a Comprehensive Examination, and a Dissertation with oral defense. In addition to the program-wide requirement of at least 30 credit hours of thesis work, the didactic coursework component includes 26-32 credit hours of required coursework plus 2-6 credit hours of elective coursework (exact coursework requirements vary by area).